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SecurePlus® Sterile Surgical Gown AAMI Level 4 BVB Front panel

Price From: $500.00
Price To: $500.00

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SecurePlus® Sterile Premium Surgical Gown - AAMI Level 4

  • One of our Highest grade surgical gown made of BVB and SMS

  • Medical Surgical work wear

  • Surgical Gown covered in BVB fabric for main parts for complicated surgeries

  • Surgery Gowns for high grade single surgical use

  • High quality medical gowns for utmost serious surgeries 

  • Surgical gowns use BVB fabric for entire front, side and sleeves

  • SMS on back of Surgical gown

  • 1 Sterile Premium Surgical Gown gown + 1 huck towel

Packing: 25 packs / carton

  • AAMI Level 4
  • BVB Surgical Gown with SMS on the back
  • Highly fluid repellent material for advanced protection
  • Nonwoven fabric
  • SMS free
  • Formulated to repel against surface tension fluids like blood
  • Soft and breathable for great comfort with utmost protection
  • Surgical gown is made with comfort and softness while offering highest levels of protection
  • Surgical approved gowns for complicated medical surgeries  
  • Surgical approved gowns 
  • All surgical Gowns all include tight elastic cuffs
  • SecurePlus® brings you one of the best surgical gowns in the medical industry for an affordable price
  • One of our best Surgical gown's

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