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Angiography Drape PMC-2204

Angiography Drape PMC-2204

Category: Surgical Drapes

Angiography Drape PMC-2204 also is a four fenestration surgical drape for heart disease operations, two hole covered with incise tape, other two without, and two sides of the drape is clear PE film for viewing and controlling equipment panels


Code No. : PMC-2204
Main Material: Nonwoven, or laminated nonwoven,Incise adhesive tape, airlaid paper
Size (L x W): 380cm x 300cm
Reinforcement Size:
300cm x 150cm
Feature: Two Fenestrations 7x12cm, two Ø12cm with Incise, side view panels
Application: Heart disease, angiography operation
Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide is available
Remark: Customize or OEM is welcome


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